Parents-Teacher Meet at CIMAGE College

Parents-Teacher Meet at CIMAGE College

Positive communication between parents and teachers helps improve academic performance of the student.

Another innovative initiative of CIMAGE is to start the ‘Parent-Teacher Meet’ in the college. PT Meet is conducted at the end of every semester, hence twice in a year. We have found that students with involved parents get higher scores, enroll in higher-level programs and have good attendance, stronger social skills and better behavior. This was true regardless of their income or family background.

PT Meet is a wonderful opportunity for Students, Teachers and Guardians too, to discuss the progress of the child and understand the challenges, if any. By seeing the papers of the examinations, guardians have the opportunity to understand the progress of the child, with their own eyes. It’s for all three, The Students, The Teachers and The Guardians, to check and show that whether they all fulfilled their responsibilities or not and what is the next to be done. We, at CIMAGE, give a great importance to the ‘Parent-Teacher Meet’ and believe that it can play a very important role in a student’s development and academic success.  Unfortunately, this relationship is often overlooked, ignored or undervalued.

The truth is, teachers and parents often see different aspects of a student’s personality. Only by maintaining an open dialogue and comparing notes on the student’s achievements or behavior can these perspectives be useful for both.

When parents take advantage of ‘Parent-Teacher Meet’ and other opportunities to speak with teachers, it helps parents to understand progress of their child in a better way. And we have seen that when parents and teachers work together to try and provide the best environment for learning to the child, it has always given positive results.

Parent-teacher interviews are a great opportunity for parents to communicate with their child’s teacher and hear how their child is tracking academically and socially relative to their classmates. Teachers also discuss certain things they feel may be useful for the guardian and the students. Parent teacher meetings are an honest and open discussion, where the guardians share their opinions and ask any relevant questions concerning the education plan of the teacher/school and the students’ performance. Teachers also get the platform to discuss the issues related to the students with the parent at this time.

It also helps the parent to understand better how they help their child’s teacher to best teach their child. A ‘parent-teacher meet’ is not just about communicating about student’s progress with their Teacher but more than that. Remember, it’s a three-way relationship among The Teachers, Students and the Guardians, and by working together positively, we can help any student achieve their full potential.