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We believe Education should be linked with Employability, and students should be trained and groomed as per the need of the Industry. That is why CIMAGE offers several relevant Job oriented Vocational Add-On Programmes along with Regular Under Graduate & Post-Graduate University degree Courses. The syllabus of these Add-on courses are designed in consultation with Industry Experts and it is updated on a regular basis. CIMAGE College is a pioneer in introducing various relevant innovations in higher education, like:

1) Emphasis on developing the thought process of the student: We don’t want our students to restrict theirknowledge within the sphere of syllabus and text books. We encouragestudents to think about new possibilities situations and solutions with the helpof lateral thinking and creativity.

2) Case Study based classes: Real time case studies, Situational Analysis and Stimulated Discussion Sessionsrelated to the subjects are organized after the completion of every chapter.

3) Example based learning: It is an integral part of the pedagogy adopted at CIMAGE. Examples related toIndian/familiar circumstances are preferred.

4) Innovations in examination and assessment process: Our education system is such wherein Students arehabituated to do only exam oriented a study, that’s how we are having many students who are better off interms of writing English in comparison to speaking because they are supposed to write & qualify in theexamination. At CIMAGE we assess students in following manner:

Unit Test

• Presentation.
• Viva-voce.
• internal test.
• Practical Test.
• Surprise tests.
• Live project based marking.
• Online CBT based test.
• Social project based marking.
• Case study based questions.
• Combination of MCQ, Short Notes and Descriptive Questions.
• Grace marks for Attendance, discipline and extracurricular activities.

Top performing Students are awarded to encourage internal competition. At the same time it is compulsory for the students to appear in the internal as well as university examination.

5) Development of communicative English skills: CIMAGE is probably the only college where students haveto attend specialized communicative English skill development classes on an everyday basis to develop fluency interms of expression abilities with correct grammar and right pronunciation. They are alsogroomed for personality development, fluency, Accent Neutralization & Voice Modulation.

6) Listening > Understanding > Speaking > Rectification > Thinking in English: Lack ofsupportive environment is the basic reason behind the discomfort of students in term ofEnglish communication skills.

7) Professionals with professors: SeveralStalwarts of corporate sector are handling theresponsibility of giving practical exposure tostudents. Several officers of the rank of CEO,Director, General Manager, Regional Head &Vertical Head (Marketing, Sales, Finance,Accounts, Projects, HR, SCM, Operations,& Commercials), regularly visit CIMAGE as guestfaculty to guide our students.

8) Earn while Learn Concept : Students get the opportunity of gaining real time hands on work experience invarious Multi-National Companies (MNC) and Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) during their CIMAGE internship(Summer Training Programme). They also get the opportunity to earn best stipends.

9) Minimum 70% attendance: Students have to maintain a monthly track record of minimum 70% attendancefailing which they have to pay penalty fees. Students with 100% attendance are rewarded with attractive prizes.

10) Yoga and meditation: A healthy body and stress free mind with high concentration abilities are prerequisite for students who want to be a fast & active learner.

11) Computer based training: Interactive software and video presentations are used for theoretical subjects, so that students can gain practical insights from senior academicians and industry stalwarts. Students have to process all the data, knowledge, information by planning and thinking in such a manner so that they can implement it anytime with measurable results.

12) Movies & Video Seminar: CIMAGE College has got a collection of more than 2000 documentaries, Video presentations, Recorded Seminar,Television Archives and socially relevant and educational movies which helps in increasing the knowledge,exposure and expertise in communication skills.

13) College Clubs: Various clubs & committees like theater club, sports club, quiz club, languageclub, techno club, events club, movie club, book club, welfare club, social club, &cultural clubetc., are active in CIMAGE College.

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