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College Group


    The Advertisement /PR Cell intend to develop a healthy relationship among CIMAGE, Corporate and General Populace. The student PR cell also offers media professionals a host of support in the form of press releases, photographs, quick facts, among others to enable you to know more about the College. It is responsible for the co-ordination of advertising, press coverage, and corporate events.

  • placementPLACEMENT CELL :
    The objective of the ‘Placement Cell’ is to look after the opportunities for placements. The Cell is assisted by student placement coordinators, who lead a team of placement representatives from various courses of study. The Placement Cell ensures and takes care to provide the best arrangements and hospitality for the visiting companies’ officials.

  • alumnivellALUMNI CELL :
    CIMAGE Alumni Cell strives to nurture a never ending symbiotic relationship with the alumni of the institute. Through the ‘Annual Grand Alumni’, it aims to provide a platform for the alumni to ‘Re-unite’, meet the faculty as well as the current students of CIMAGE.

  • counsellingcellCAREER COUNCELLING CLUB :
    CIMAGE Career Counseling Club has been meant with a vision to provide the best available career counseling to the students so that they could be updated with latest options and opportunities. It invites Educationalists, Industry Experts, HR heads from different industries and arranges Career Counseling Workshops and Seminars in the college on time to time and keeps the students updated with emerging career options and relevant changes emerging in the industry/ segments.

  • disciplinecellDISCIPLINE CLUB :
    As the name shows, it is meant to maintain discipline among the students in the college. It keeps an eye on the activities of the students and checks it, as and when required. Its job includes setting ‘Code and Conduct’ for the students and insuring that these parameters are met by them. It insures that there should not be any act of indiscipline or indecency by/among the students, in or around the campus.

  • videoproductioncellVIDEO PRODUCTION CLUB :
    Video Production Club is meant to capture the unforgettable moments during any event or program at CIMAGE. It captures the motion pictures during any function. The video captured by ‘Video Production Unit’ is later used to make the short film of the events. Sometimes it also makes some documentary based on the topic or theme given to it. This group is restricted to Media students only.

  • excursion-club
    Excursion Club helps is meant to develop the power of observations, explora¬tion, judgment and drawing inferences, problem solving ability of students. Excursion also helps in developing qualities of resourcefulness, self- confidence, initiative and leadership amongst students. It helps in developing cooperative attitude and helps in develop¬ing their aesthetic sense.