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Industry Interaction Group

The industry interaction Group is an initiative, which acts as a bridge between ‘Industries’ and the ‘Students’. The focus is to assist students by giving them industry exposure, where they can ‘Practically Apply’ the concepts they learn at CIMAGE.

• The clubs enables us to pull together theory, practice, experience and talent on a common platform, while encouraging students to find innovative solutions to real-world business problems.
• Over the time, this equips students with the skills that are required in the new business environment, and thus prepare them for better placement opportunities.


  • itclubIT CLUB :
    The objective of this club is to update and give practical exposure on implementation of knowledge sharing concept.

  • hrclubHR CLUB :
    The objective of this club is to develop the personal and professional qualities of students & work together to become effective leaders of effective groups. To develop skills like Team Work, Leadership, Interpersonal Relationship etc. among the students. To develop understandability of business environment, the HR club shall sharpen the students’ Knowledge, Attitude and Skills with a view to manage the emerging challenges and issues in the area of Work life balance.

  • marketingclubMARKETING CLUB :
    The Marketing Club aims to provide opportunities to the members to develop marketing skills and to equip the students to handle the real situations in the Marketing Field through experience. The club will provide a platform to the students to interact with professionals in the field of marketing and learn various things.

  • financeclubFINANCE CLUB :
    The goal of Finance Club is to promote a professional association with in the realm of finance. Improve its members by creating opportunities, which enhance their skills academically, professionally and socially and match students with career in financial service industry. We aim not only to prepare CIMAGE students for career in Finance but also help them to find a suitable root into that career.

  • mediaclubMEDIA CLUB :
    It aims to bring together students with an interest in the Media and Entertainment Sector. The Club focuses on interacting and learning from professionals belonging to Television, Film, Radio, Print and Electronic Media.

  • enterpreneurclubENTREPRENEUR CLUB :
    The entrepreneurship club is to help the members to make the most of the resources available for the aspirants, who are curious about entrepreneurship and to assist them to walkout as more confident entrepreneurs who are prepared to face challenges of the entrepreneurial world. The Entrepreneurship Club aims to provide a conduit by which students can access relevant entrepreneurial resources, network with prominent community entrepreneurs, and share ideas. To this end, the club is dedicated to furthering understanding about new or small businesses, and about entrepreneurship in all businesses.